Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is Incredible

Please feel free to send and share.  This is an email I received from Louisiana.  Original plan was to head Northwest to the Panhandle area and I will stay with this plan.  However, my trip will be extended because obviously, BP and the Administration remain clueless, despite Obama's plan to kick someone's ass. 
Update from Risk Management Disaster Service Environmental Inc.

Gulf Oil Spill Jobs Update - June 8

Helllo _____,

Here's an update on your application to work to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill which you made on our website GulfOilSpillJobs.com on our website GulfOilSpillJobs.com with Risk Management Disaster Service Environmental, a contractor.

NOTE: if you have access to any type of oil skimmer, please immediately email skimmers@gulfoilspilljobs.com as we have a direct order from BP to obtain more skimmers ASAP.

We are still waiting for BP to instruct us where to deploy the people like you who are available to help with the oil spill cleanup. BP’s last communication to me dated Friday, June 4, 2010 at 7:53 AM:

“Once we know what the staging areas and distribution centers require we will determine where your offered equipment is a match to what is being requested. Thank you for this comprehensive list – I’m certain that we will have need of it soon – I just can’t place it today.


(name removed)

BP America

GOM MC252 Incident Management Team

Critical Resource - Equipment Team Lead“


Rather than continue waiting on BP, we've also begun directly notifying county/parish presidents and local emergency personnel of your availability by providing them with lists of the cleanup resources we can immediately deploy. To date, local government has also waited on BP to initiate action, but at some point, local leaders won't wait. At any time the weather patterns may change to force slicks onto shore areas, and at that point, local officials will demand quick action, or begin their own clean up effort and send the bill later to BP. Hurricane season is approaching.

I'm sure you are frustrated, since you may be seeing news coverage like this morning's aerial footage of miles and miles of marsh areas in Louisiana that are covered in oil, with no protective boom in place to keep oil away, or boom that hasn't been maintained and floated into shore, with no one working to clean up the shoreline.

News channels over the weekend were reporting tar balls on the beaches in the Florida panhandle, and one network drove miles of beaches to find only 12 BP-paid people on hand to clean up miles of shoreline, an impossible job with such limited manpower with only shovels in hand.

Other stories have featured local government leaders frustrated because there were not enough boats with skimmers to clean up the small spill areas that are breaking away from the main slicks and now were floating closer to their shores. The irony is we have boats ready to deploy.

At some point, someone will demand oil clean up in their area, perhaps if President Obama gets around to ordering a proactive effort to begin. With the proper information about you and the other workers we have in the hands of both BP and the local governments, we'll be able to deploy once clean up efforts begin.

We'll keep you advised.


William Lombardo, President

Risk Management Disaster Service Environmental, Inc.

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