Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry folks. left the panhandle to spend a couple of days with my wife in St. Augustine, having a great time, but I will be posting more soon!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just a Side Note!

I'm still pretty upset about that dolphin calf, it wasn't like watching something on the evening news, I was up close and personal with this and stood there for almost an hour as the marine biologists brought him into shore, and they were very caring and gentle with him, so I can't even imagine what this means to them, it is very heartbreaking!!

Most of the Oil Was Covered Up!!

Incoming tides on Wednesday night covered up much of the oil with a 1 to 6 inch layer of white sand, 2 researchers from USF on Thursday night dug into the sand and found that much of the oil was still there!

Pensacola Beach, Florida

And it Still Keeps Coming Ashore!!


The first picture is a oil soaked boom washed ashore at Fort Pickens, the second picture is a sand rake which only mixed the oil in with the sand even more!!

Anybody Up For a Swim? A Tidal Pool at Fort Pickens Beach!

Obama Uses Sign Language to Communicate with Gulf Coast Residents

Must See Video

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Just got some bad news this morning, that dolphin calf that I showed them rescuing on Wednesday, well I just found out that he died at the scene from oil ingestation, very sad news!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unfortunately, The Oil Keeps On Coming In!!

Clean-up Crews Set Up and Ready to Roll!!

Couple of Miles West!!

Unfortunately, the pilot was right, this was about 3 miles west almost to the entrance of Fort Pickens and it was washing up on shore at a good pace!!

Contract Help!!

I talked to the pilot of this helicopter and he said that they were hired by BP to shuttle clean-up supervisors from site to site and also fly the coastline and observe any possible oil sheens in the water which he said he had about 2 miles west of where we were and about 1/2 mile to a 1/4 mile offshore, so I thanked him and hopped in the car and headed west!

Unfortunately, More Keeps Coming Ashore!!

See What Happens When You Let Heavy Equipment on the Beach!!

The Clean-up Crews Are Doing an Excellent Job!!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Kidding!!

This is the first time since I've been here  that I've seen a double red flag.  This is the first time I've seen one with the no swimming emblem.  Who would even walk thru that crap to get to the water?

Just To Let Ya'll Know!

A robotic sub accidentally knocked the cap off the hole today so it is gushing again at full force, and BP doesn't know when the issue will be resolved!  So I guess we are back to square one!!

It's Getting into our bays and inlets!!

It has come around the west end of Pensacola Beach and made it's way into Pensacola Bay, these are pictures of  a piece of cloth and a boom soaked in oil on Pensacola Bay!

They are Doing Something, I Just Hope It's Not Too Late!

A staging area in Pensacola Bay where the boats are picking up boom to lay out, I just hope it's not too late!!

A Rescued Baby Dolphin on Fort Pickens, Florida

Luckily this little guy is probably going to make it, he was noticed by tourist floating in the water by the shoreline, he was only about 4 feet long at the most.  Great response by the FWC, USCG, Park rangers, DEP, and volunteer organizations.

Pensacola Beach, Florida Home of the World's Most Beautiful Beaches, Until Now!!

These pictures are so disturbing, because just a week ago to the day there wasn't the first sign of oil on these beaches, and now they are covered with it!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lucky Fish!!

Luckily for my fish, they're in a crystal clear aquarium and not swimming out in the Gulf of Mexico!!

Getting Ready To Hit The Road Again!!

Had to dry my tent out, and came home for the weekend for fathers day, and to spend some time with my awesome wife, will be heading to Panama City on Tuesday morning and stay along the coastal highway and keep observing what is going on!!

Just a Tarball I Brought Home to Show My Wife!!

This tar ball is like a piece of asphalt now, but you can see the red which is the actual crude oil!!

Orange Beach, Alabama 012.AVI

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orange Beach, Alabama

This just showed up within the the past couple of days, it is made out of driftwood, it just goes to show you the awesome faith these people have!!  Notice the red flags in the background, still nobody allowed in the water!

They Are Making Progress!!

Perdido Bay, Alabama

Oil washing up into Perdido Bay, a mile north of the Gulf of Mexico!!