Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I THought I Had Good News, But I Don't!!

Went to Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa Island this and everything looked fine, the beaches and water seemed to be free of oil so I didn't stay that long.  I was just informed by the family camping next to me, that they had been at Pensacola Beach all day today and had to leave because tar balls started coming ashore this afternoon.  One thing I did notice when I was there is that they already had clean-up crews on the beaches so they could take immediate action when the tar balls did start coming ashore.
Just a thought, but why doesn't BP and the federal government step aside and fund the local governments and let them take care of their own communities.  I'm sure they can do a better job than those two bumbling idiots, after all it is their beaches and economy that it is affecting.

Sorry no pictures today folks, I left Pensacola and headed to Orange Beach to see what was going on there but it was storming really bad, so I found a beach bar and there really wasn't anything to take pictures of in there!!  Check back tomorrow I will have new pictures posted!!

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