Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tar on Pensacola Beach

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  1. The federal government is responsible for the containment and clean up. It doesn't matter WHO does it, as long as its done, though BP is responsible for paying for it.

    Here, we learn that Obama was advised, if not from "day 1" in Obamaspeak, then very early on according to media Obama fawner Richard Wolfe, "from the beginning" (Wolfe's article appeared in Salon), of the extent of the spillage and that it would likely take months before it would be halted.

    The State of Louisiana requested that USACoE permits be issued for sand berms to be dredged so as to protect its marshes. It was not until Friday, nearly 4 weeks later, that the permits were issued. Obama should have expedited the process, or waived the permitting requirements. Instead, he waits until the oil is already in the marsh and were it not for Bobby Jindal publicly embarassing the administratin, we can only speculate when, if ever, the permits would have been issued.

    Further, other countries, including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, as well as other energy companies, have offered expertise and equipment such as skimmers and supertankers with on board procesing capabilities, yet Obama refused the offers of assistance saying, "it's BP's responsibility".

    So, Obama knew the damage that would be cause, "from the beginning", yet did not act to authorize the protective berms, and refused containment help from foreign countries.

    There can be only two reasons for his inaction: (1) the man is "historically" incompetent; or (2) he intentionally allowed the oil to destroy the marshes for some other purpose.

    While BP is responsible for paying the cleanup, the Obama administration is not granted the luxury of "doing nothing", and then blaming the failure to contain on BP.